The Design Process

1. Initial Consultation

Site visit to talk through project requirements with the client, discuss early ideas and gain an understanding of the site. This is also an opportunity for me to talk through the design process with you and answer any questions you may have. I offer this service free of charge.

2. Site survey, Analysis & Brief

I will return to conduct a site analysis looking at existing features, soil composition, utilities and any possible planning constraints. At the same time I will conduct a survey of the site, recording existing level changes and dimensions. If the site is particularly large or complex an external surveyor will need to be brought in, which I can assist with.

Once these are completed I will produce a written brief for the project.

3. Design Concept

I will go away and produce a range of conceptual designs, showing ideas for various layouts, structure and early design details for your garden. These will take the form of 3D visuals, sketches and mood boards. We will meet to talk through these ideas, formulating a final concept which can be taken forward to inform a detailed design.

4. Detailed Design

The final design for your garden, consisting of a detailed master plan with annotations explaining the scheme. Along with this I will produce rendered 3D visualisations to help you understand the design more clearly than a 2D plan would allow. Alterations can be made at this stage if necessary.

5. Planting Plans & Construction Detailing

Once the detailed design is finalised I will produce any further drawings that may be required, such as planting plans, construction details and lighting plans. Final specifications will be written up for all areas of the design ready to be handed off to contractors.

6. Construction

I can recommend local contractors whom I have worked with before to provide you with a range of quotes for the job. If you would like me to I can assist with the coordinate of contractors and bespoke suppliers, as well as conduct site visits and progress reports during the build.

Normally I source and procure the plants for you and personally plant them up on site according to the planting plan. On larger projects I may work in coordination with the contractors on site.

7. Completion

Enjoy! I will be on site if you have any final questions and can offer maintenance plans for you if you would like, providing information on how to care for your garden over the coming years.


As garden design is such a bespoke service it is very hard to give an accurate idea of fees before first meeting with the client and seeing the site. Initial consultations are offered free of charge, which in most cases gives enough information to give a quote for a design package.

When it comes to getting your garden designed no two cases are the same. In some situations you may not want all of the services included in a full design package, you may just want planting plans or a design concept for example. I am always happy to quote for individual pieces of work.

To discuss any project, large or small contact Phil.